One hundred and thirty nine pages of pictures and text tell the tale of a city that endured the attacks of invaders for countless years.

Gateway to Kandy narrates the story of a city tucked away in the hills- given many names- but best known for its success as a military stronghold and a place of refuge in troubled times. Anuradha Seneviratna- Professor Emeritus- University of Peradeniya, takes us through the glory days of the Kandy Kingdom- from its establishment in 1592 by King Vimaladharmasuriya I to its resistance of and eventual capture by the invading British and the present day city in the hills.

The book is therefore a colourful, attractive and informative blend of ancient and contemporary, with images by Vijitha and Lalana Yapa, which help relate the story and legends associated with the Kandy Kingdom as well as the heroes who emerged from it.

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